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First Visit

First Visit

Akoya Pediatric Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care for children in Southwest Ranches, Florida. We are honored to be considered as your child’s provider and dental home. To learn more, call 954-799-6212 or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What to Expect At Your Child’s First Visit

Your child’s first visit to our office will typically include the following:

  • Prior to arrival. Appointment reminders and online forms will be sent via text for your convenience.
  • Warm welcome. You and your child will be greeted with a smile and warm welcome as soon as you enter our door. Our inviting atmosphere will help your family feel at home right away. Please enjoy some refreshments provided at reception.
  • New patient forms. We will need you to fill out some new patient forms and provide your insurance information. These forms are available online and via text if you would prefer to fill them out before your appointment.
  • Oral examination and teeth cleaning. The first visit will typically include an oral examination and a teeth cleaning. Fluoride treatment may also be applied to the teeth.
  • Dental X-Rays. Dental X-Rays may be taken depending on multiple factors associated with each individual patient. If this is your child’s first ever dental appointment, baseline images may be needed to evaluate and monitor their growth and development.
  • Schedule your next appointment. As long as the teeth and mouth are healthy, the next visit will be in 6 months. If any restorative procedures are needed, we will make plans to provide the necessary treatment.

Benefits of the First Visit

The first visit to our office or to the dentist in general has many benefits:

Healthy start. By going to the dentist for the first time you are giving your child a healthy start that can lead to a lifetime of good dental health.

Establish a dental home. An important part of your child’s oral health is having a dental home, a dentist they can go to regularly for routine dental maintenance and in case of an emergency. Familiarity with our office through repeated visits will create comfort and security for your child in a health setting.

Oral health assessment. Your child should have their oral health evaluated from a young age to ensure that their teeth and mouth are healthy. If problems are detected early they are easier to treat with better outcomes.

Prevent or treat cavities. The first visit will detect any existing cavities and help to prevent future cavities.

Procedures Offered

Early Dental Care may include any of the following:

Comprehensive Oral Examination.  We will examine your child’s teeth and mouth to assess their current health and condition. We look for signs of cavities or gum disease in order to provide early intervention and treatment if necessary.

Dental Cleaning.   We perform a thorough cleaning of the teeth to remove any plaque that may have accumulated on the teeth after brushing and between dental visits.

Assessment of Oral Development.  We assess the development of the teeth and jaws and determine if any early orthodontic intervention may be needed.

Oral Hygiene Techniques.  We educate young patients on techniques for caring for their own teeth effectively at home.

Anticipatory Guidance.  We discuss any necessary diet modification and oral habits that can alter your child’s teeth and jaws.

Why Choose Akoya Pediatric Dentistry?

Akoya Pediatric Dentistry wants to make your child’s first visit a positive experience. We know that the first dental visit sets the tone for how a child feels about the dentist for many years to come, which is why we take our responsibility seriously.

We collaborate with parents, welcoming your questions and providing open and honest communication about your child’s oral health. You are welcome to stay with your child during every part of their first visit and any future visits as you and your child wish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Child’s First Visit

How often should my child go to the dentist?
Routine dental visits should take place every 6 months for most children and include teeth cleanings and oral examinations. This is the ideal time frame for plaque removal to prevent cavities and gum disease. Dental health issues can be detected and treated early.
How often do children need dental X-Rays?
X-Rays are typically taken every 6 months to a year, depending on the risk of your child developing cavities.
Are X-Rays safe for young children?
Digital X-Rays are safe for children of all ages, even infants and toddlers. The amount of radiation emitted from digital X-Rays is much lower than traditional film X-Rays and is well within the safety limit.
How should I prepare for my child’s first visit?
To be ready for your child’s first dental visit, it helps to fill out the new patient forms ahead of time, which are available online. Bring your dental insurance card with you. Talk to your child about going to the dentist in a positive manner so that they know what to expect. You can also ask for a tour of our office prior.
What can I do if my child is anxious about their first appointment?
Talk to your child in a calm manner about dental care. Explain to them that children as well as adults, including you, also get your teeth cleaned and examined and that all people need dental care to be healthy. Reassure them that you will be with them the entire time. It also helps to model to your child what receiving dental care entails; you can share a video or book about visiting the dentist prior to their visit.
What if a cavity is found during my child’s first visit?
If there are cavities, it is best to have them filled as soon as possible for the best chance of saving the teeth. We provide local anesthesia (and nitrous oxide if needed) to make the process comfortable and relaxing.
Are fluoride treatments necessary?
There is no obligation to have fluoride treatments, but we recommend them for children as their teeth are still developing and the enamel is more susceptible to decay. Fluoride helps remineralize or harden tooth enamel naturally for stronger, healthier teeth. If you are hesitant about using fluoride, we can discuss other alternatives.
Can my child watch TV during their first visit?
We have TVs at each dental chair so that children can watch a show or movie while getting their teeth cleaned. This helps children relax and enjoy their time at the dentist. We also have a comfort menu with other options that your child can choose from.

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