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Minimally Invasive Cavity Treatment in Southwest Ranches, FL

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Akoya Pediatric Dentistry provides minimally invasive cavity treatment in Southwest Ranches, FL. Call 954-799-6212 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF).  Silver diamine fluoride, also known as SDF, works to help prevent dental cavities from forming or spreading to other teeth by remineralizing small areas of decay in the tooth's enamel or stopping the progression of larger areas of decay.

Silver Modified Atraumatic Resin Technique (SMART) Technique. We offer a minimally invasive dental treatment called SMART, which uses SDF followed by a glass ionomer composite (GIC) to stop the progression of cavities without drilling or local anesthesia. SMART is a comfortable, fast, and effective solution that successfully arrests caries without removing additional tooth structure.

Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART). The ART approach is a conservative approach to restoring small areas of decay when obstacles to other dental treatments exist. Your child's doctor will remove the decay using hand instruments and then use high-viscosity glass ionomer to seal the pits and fissures and restore the structure of the tooth.

Interim Therapeutic Technique (ITR). The Interim Therapeutic Technique is a similar procedure to ART and utilizes the same materials but differs in the purpose of their use. ITR is a temporary solution and will be replaced with a permanent restoration.

Hall Crown Technique. The Hall Crown Technique utilizes stainless-steel crown as a non-invasive means of treating caries in primary (baby) molars. Unlike conventional crowns, tooth decay does not need to be removed before the crown is placed, reducing the need for drilling or sedation.

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